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Re-bag ® have obtained two International Recycled certificates:

1) Vincotte recycled certificate on the Re-bag ®  "Foody-bag"

Vegetables and other unwrapped "dry" food can be put directly into the bag with no risk of migration from the material to the food. This material is developed by Re-bag ®.

2) Vincotte recycled certificate on recycled plastic

Recycled PP shopping bag, made of up to 91% recycled plastic.

As one of the only suppliers in Europe Re-bag ® is able to offer you the possibility to buy bags in polypropylene with the Vincotte Recycled certification

The certification is the proof that min. 45% and up to 91% of the material is produced with recycled and recyclable PP plastic.

Our recycled bags respect the REACH restrictions and they are Azo dyes and heavy metal free.

Vincotte recycled certification is recognized by 2004/18/EU directive and 203/03. 

Certificate No.: ECO-CLAIM16011-CH-2017

Certificate No.: ECO-CLAIM16011-VT-2017

Please help us protect the environment and ask for a PP recyced certified reusable bag!


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