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Large selection of shoppingbags made of sustainable materials

Re-bag ® are market leaders within designing eco-friendly packaging for shoppingbags, bags of natural fibers, bags of recycled materials i.e. easy biodegradable and recyclable bioplastics. We work with design, concept development, product development, materials and production itself.  

We design and produce eco-friendly bags with logos in sustainable materials, including paperbags, tote bags and cotton bags. Our eco-friendly materials for producing bags are cotton, canvas, tote, jute, paper, PP woven, nonwoven, PET and many more, which usually is a mix of natural and synthetic fibers of the more eco-friendly type.

You can read more details about our products, and which materials that are more easily biodegradable than others, in our overview of materials . There, you can find and read more about the advantages of bioplastics and Fairtrade natural materials.

We focus on producing bags of recycled and sustainable materials - accordingly natural materials and plastic materials that can be reused of humans and nature.

When working with natural fibers, we primarily focus on jute, cotton and paper. Respectively, when we work with synthetic fibers, we focus on the types that are at the bottom of the Greenpeace Pyramid of plastic, where the bottom ones are the least pollutant. These fibers are especially PE and bioplastics.

We have many different types of bags in our assortment i.e. cooling bags, tote bags with print, cotton bags with logo etc. You can browse this site to see all the different types and categories of eco-friendly bags.

We differentiate ourselves and our eco-friendly bags by knowing and having the knowledge and experience when working with design, the development of the concepts and products and therefore we continuously build upon our experience with eco-friendly products and sustainable materials.

Re-bag ® is a trademark of producing with the best recyclable materials of high quality with focus on sustainability and conservation of the nature. We have a corporate social responsibility, which you can read more about here.