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Sustainable materials

At Re-bag ® we focus on sustainable and eco-friendly materials, as we want to secure a healthy and viable business for ourselves and for our customers in the future. Therefore, we always try to find new recycled materials, that are eco-friendly, we can apply in our own production. Our recycled materials comes from sustainable sources and we make the same requirements to ourselves and our suppliers. This is to ensure an overall eco-friendly solution for all parties involved, where we very much wish for you to participate to secure the future of our environment.

We have many sustainable materials that conserves nature - and as a company that produces eco-friendly materials, we also have a responsibility to minimize the overload of our nature and the natural resources, which is why we focus highly on recycled materials which still has the high quality, to ensure our customers’ businesses are viable now and in the future. With our materials, we focus on a sustainable future and therefore we have a wide variety of eco-friendly materials for the products, that we produce.

As a customer, you can freely pick the eco-friendly material according to your exact wishes and needs for production.

We deliver products in many various materials and in our overview of materials, you can see and read about them all.

We have extensive knowledge and experience about eco-friendly and sustainable materials and therefore we also know that the most attractive materials for production are.