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Lamination for bags

We provide shiny or matte lamination, outside or/and inside the bags. The outside lamination is often more prioritized as the outside of the bags are what provides the visual identity. The inside lamination is more of an extra-service to the users of the bags, that can make the bags stronger and more sustainable in the future.

A lamination makes the bags stronger but also provides a delicate and beautiful finish to the products, that is an essential part of the visual branding we also do.

Shiny lamination

When operating and doing laminations, we offer shiny lamination for our ecofriendly shoppingbags. The shiny lamination gives an extraordinary "gloss" and adds a nice visual "touch" along with the sustainable and recycable materials used for the products.

Matte lamination

If you wish a more delicate and subtle lamination, we also offer matte lamination, that adds a discrete touch and finish to your ecofriendly shoppingbag.


In overall, we at Re-bag always use ecofriendly materials that are sustainable and recycable to ensure the minimal strain of the environment. 

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