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Cotton is a controversial material that requires large amounts of water during growth and manufacturing.

Canvas bags made of cotton are sustainable from a reusability perspective, as the material is washable and very durable, which increases the likelihood of it actually being kept and used many times over a long period of time.

All the cotton bags we produce are manufactured in China and India.

See also our "Guide to natural fibers"

We offer cotton in following qualities:

Dyeing cotton in standard colours or in special dying for larger quantities (90 gsm to 455 gsm)

Natural cotton (90 gsm to 455 gsm) Ecological cotton (90 gsm to 455 gsm) Ecological and "Fairtrade" cotton (90 gsm to 455 gsm) Denim (ask for weight).

We have the GOTS Certificate and We can produce Ecolabel (Swanlabel) Cotton bags.

Please contact us for more information on cotton bags, design and prices.