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Our products

We have a wide variety of eco-friendly products

Take a look at our eco-friendly and sustainable products, that includes sustainable shoppingbags, boxes, food packaging, concept cases, silkpaper and ribbons. We are experts in responsible production of eco-friendly packaging and designing the packaging for use in companybranding and promotional items.

In our production of bags we offer tote bags with print, bags made of recycled materials, cloth bags with logo, cotton bags, paper bags and other eco-friendly types of bags with logo.

Our variety of boxes include jewellery boxes, chocolate boxes, eyeglass cases, consumer packaging, cosmetic packaging and webshop packaging.

For our food packaging products, we offer packaging for aroma, tea boxes, bottles, foodbags and wineboxes and winebags.

Our expertise and production for concept cases is a cooperation with you to develop your eco-friendly products. Our consultants and graphic workers helps you with designing the concept case and tailoring of the sustainable materials to match the visual and sustainable profile of your brand.

We also offer customized packaging of silkpaper and ribbons. Browse our product categories and see the various products and the visual style of the eco-friendly packaging, we can produce. 

Do not hesitate to contact us - we are your sustainable packaging designer and we only work with materials of high quality, that minimizes the overload and conserves the nature and environment.

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