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Ecolabel (Nordic Swan Label)

When you choose a product with the Nordic Ecolabel, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact - and you can be sure that it is among the environmentally best in their category.

The eco-labels promote circular economy

The Nordic Ecolabel is an obvious tool for promoting circular economy - and thereby strengthening companies' competitiveness and promoting their resource efficiency.

You can use the Nordic Ecolabel to promote circular economy in both production and purchasing.

Sustainable Development Goal 12

The Ecolabel is a powerful tool for ensuring a sustainable future. The official eco-label actively contributes to the UN's global goals. The Nordic Ecolabel in particular helps to reduce the overall environmental impact of production and consumption - and the entire product life cycle - from raw materials to production, use, disposal and recycling - is included in the assessment when the requirements for the eco-labeled products are determined. This ensures both a more environmentally sustainable production and control back in the supply chain - and it ensures more environmentally sustainable products for the end user.

In addition, the Nordic Ecolabel contributes to others of the SDG’s. The primary focus of eco-labels is environmental aspects, but the label also emphasizes health and social aspects where relevant.

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official Nordic eco-label. The Nordic Ecolabel was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1989, and Denmark joined in 1997. 

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