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SDG's in Re-bag

The UN has adopted 17 common objectives to ensure sustainable balance in the climate and economy worldwide.

We must eradicate poverty, protect our planet and ensure prosperity for all. This is what the essence of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations adopted in 2015. The ambition is that the goals are achieved by 2030, and it requires massive efforts from both businesses, goverments and citizens.

Each of the 17 world goals has a number of sub-goals. A total of 169 to be exact. And to each sub-objective, specific activities are linked to show the extent to which the objectives are met.

Re-bag can realate our business to a number of these goals / sub-goals, where we can help achieve those goals in 2030.

The Development Goals - or SDGs as they are called - we have chosen to work and contribute to are SDG 8, 12, 14, 15 and 17. Here we set up specific goals, sub-goals and activities in order to contribute to the SDG's.

Our SDG focus

In 2017, we started working focused on the SDGs. In Re-bag, we have so far chosen to focus on these five most relevant goals for Re-bag. 

We have looked into the sub-goals and selected the relevant and realistic areas for us, and adapted them to the best possible success.

Objective 8: “Decent jobs and Economic Growth”

Development Goal 12: "Responsible consumption and production"

Development Goal 14: "Life below water"

Development Goal 15: "Life on land"

Development Objective 17: “Partnerships and Action”