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Re-bag ® have obtained two International Recycled certificates:

1) Vincotte recycled certificate on the Re-bag ®  "Foody-bag"

Vegetables and other unwrapped "dry" food can be put directly into the bag with no risk of migration from the material to the food. This material is developed by Re-bag ®.

2) Vincotte recycled certificate on recycled plastic

Recycled PP shopping bag, made of up to 91% recycled plastic.

As one of the only suppliers in Europe Re-bag ® is able to offer you the possibility to buy bags in polypropylene with the Vincotte Recycled certification

The certification is the proof that min. 45% and up to 91% of the material is produced with recycled and recyclable PP plastic.

Our recycled bags respect the REACH restrictions and they are Azo dyes and heavy metal free.

The Re-bag Vincotte certificate complies to the EU standard EN 15343 - Plastics recycling traceability and assessments of conformity and recycled centent.

Certificate No.: ECO-CLAIM16011-CH-2017

Certificate No.: ECO-CLAIM16011-VT-2017

Please help us protect the environment and ask for a PP recyced certified reusable bag!


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