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"By 2050, the amount of plastic exceeds the amount of fish." Plastic Change works hard to break the rising curve. "


If you are looking for a partner who is an expert in design and production of environmentally friendly bags with logo and packaging boxes, you have come to the right place.

We are experts in environmentally friendly packaging and packaging design, for use as promotional items and in company branding.

Our role is to be your partner in the development, design and production of packaging concepts, bags, boxes, food packaging and silk paper and gift ribbons.

We help with the selection of materials, the visual design and creating an expression that matches your company's and your brand's visual profile. We are a creative sparring partner, and we are working on developing new products and materials and would like to come with design suggestions for this.



Let's briefly review some of our primary products. We specialize, as the name Re-bag suggests, in bags and bags with logo as well as sustainable bags. Here we can offer mullet bags with print. These can be used as shopping bags, mule bags, shipping bags, web packaging, etc. We also have wine bags with logo as wine packaging also is an area we work with.

Re-bag works, among other things, to develop and produce the following products: sports bags, cooling bags, travel bags, purses, mule bags, paper bags and paper bags with print, paper bags with logo and buckets, bottles, envelopes, silk paper and gift ribbons.

At the same time, we have a large and nice range of concepts and products of boxes for packaging. Here we also have a lot of other concepts and products. These include jewelry boxes, chocolate boxes and web shop packaging.

On an equal footing with bags, we have a large selection of boxes. See our great collection of boxes with logo.

We also work with food packaging, including wholesale food contact materials. If you are interested in this, please visit our page about eco-friendly food packaging.

We strive to go into depth with each customer, which is why we work with and advise on all aspects of the process, which is also reflected in our design proposal. It can be anything from packaging to webshop to eco-friendly food packaging or shipping bags with logo, plastic packaging and cardboard packaging, as well as many other materials. We have the experience and passion for designing your unique bags and boxes.



We make promotional items with logo, and we also work with graphic design and visual identity. We are a design agency, as we provide and consult about production.

Our experience and role means that Re-bag can help you in the goal of your visual branding and packaging of your products. We make sure you get the right expression, made from the right materials that compliment both what you want to radiate aesthetically and what you want to signal as values.

Working with design packaging and packaging design, whatever it is packaging with logo, print, print or other articles where there are design requirements, is an exciting and creative process, where you can go into the depths of materials, concepts, aesthetics and function.



Re-bag puts sustainability and ethics as high and strong values, and we feel committed to providing environmentally friendly and ethically produced products, and supply and advise in the most of environmentally friendly materials and ethical production.

Within materials, we focus on natural fibers that are organic, Fairtrade certified, or materials that otherwise ensure sustainable and circular thinking i.e. organic cotton, jute, paper, as well as juco and synthetic fibers.

We focus on plastics that are strong in terms of recycling and recyclable, thereby working to promote circular economy. That is the plastic materials that are at the bottom of the Greenpeace pyramid for plastic; Here are especially PE, PP, PET and Bioplastics.

In this context, we have a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and work to ensure socially responsible manufacturing conditions for our products. Therefore, we are also striving to use Fairtrade suppliers for materials in natural fibers. We are engaged in Business Social Compliance Initative (BSCI) and have over 20 years’ experience in production.

You can always contact Re-bag and obtain an offer; We are ready to take a look at your unique branding situation and design profile and needs.